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The accumulation of dirt, dander, and debris in your HVAC ducts can cause health problems and substandard functionality of your home’s HVAC system. Buildups in your dryer vent can also cause potentially life-threatening scenarios, like dryer fires.

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission 156,000 dryer fires occur every year, causing upwards of $75 million in property damage, in addition to injuring an average of 370 people and causing 20 fatalities. The culprit in most cases is lint trapped in the heating element where it blocks airflow.

That is why Boca Ducts offers safe and reliable dryer vent cleaning in Boca Raton, FL, and the surrounding area. My professionals ensure dryer efficiency and thoroughly clean out blocked ducts to prevent fires and health problems. Blocked ducts in gas dryers can cause gasses to back up throughout the house. Carbon monoxide fumes can be fatal, and at lower levels CO poisoning replicates flu-like symptoms, including headaches, nausea, weakness, profound fatigue, and disorientation.

Boca Ducts can offer yearly or semi-yearly dryer vent cleaning to allow your dryer to function more effectively, thereby saving you time, energy, and money, while mitigating dust and humidity. What you get is quality home comfort and no catastrophic surprises later on.

Dryer-related fires usually happen when lint restricts airflow in ducts. This increases drying time and causes overheating in the motor. My technicians get the lint out entirely to ensure your duct is not blocked and does not precipitate limit switch and thermostat failure.

It is important to have your dryer vents inspected at least annually so that they do not become blocked and crushed, resulting in lint buildup.

My team is devoted to ensuring your dryer safely operates all year round. Prevent health problems and potential fires with my dryer vent cleaning solutions at Boca Ducts.

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